Getting A Dental Bridge For A Missing ToothGetting A Dental Bridge For A Missing Tooth

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Getting A Dental Bridge For A Missing Tooth

Hi, my name is Robin Pearson and when I had to have a tooth pulled, I was just devastated. I didn't want to have a gap in my mouth so I asked my dentist what he could do. My dentist said there were a couple of options regarding replacing a tooth that's missing. The option that interested me was a dental bridge. I went home and read all I could about dental bridges so I would completely understand how they work to fill in the missing space in my mouth. Since I am very pleased with my dental bridge, I wanted to share this information with other people who are also considering this option for a missing tooth.


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Restorative Dental Treatments You May Need

Restorative dentistry can be among the most common types of treatments that individuals will need. The vast majority of people will likely encounter dental problems at some point that require the services of a restorative dentist to correct.

A Painful Cavity Should Be Repaired As Soon As Possible

Cavities are among the most common types of dental issues that people will experience. Cavities will typically develop very slowly, and this can lead to individuals being unaware of a cavity for a prolonged period of time. Unfortunately, if you have a cavity that is causing you pain or discomfort, this could be an indication that the decay has progressed to an advanced state where it may be starting to impact the nerve of the tooth. Rapid treatment will be needed to limit the damage from worsening and to avoid potential complications. Dental infections are one complication that untreated cavities can cause, but this issue may also lead to a weakening of the tooth that could make it more prone to breaking in the future.

Chips And Cracks Are Significant Types Of Dental Damage

Chips and cracks in a tooth are common problems that patients may experience. These damages can range in severity, and individuals that underestimate a small chip or seemingly shallow crack could be putting the long-term health of their tooth at risk. These damaged portions of the tooth can be far more likely to experience rot, and it can be difficult to evaluate the full extent of the damage. As a result, you could drastically underestimate the severity of the damage the tooth has suffered. A dentist will be able to thoroughly evaluate the damaged tooth to determine the most appropriate treatments for restoring the appearance and integrity of the tooth.

Dental Implants Are A Durable And Discrete Replacement Option

When a tooth has been completely lost, it can have a major impact on the appearance of a person's smile along with the functionality of their mouth. If you have suffered the loss of a tooth, a restorative dentist may be able to help you with finding an effective replacement solution. Dental implants are a popular option as they can enable a person to have a permanent solution for their missing tooth that is also discrete enough that people will be unlikely to notice that the replacement tooth is fake. While bridges can be slightly lower cost than an implant, they will not be able to last as long, which can result in you having to pay to have them replaced.

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