Getting A Dental Bridge For A Missing ToothGetting A Dental Bridge For A Missing Tooth

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Getting A Dental Bridge For A Missing Tooth

Hi, my name is Robin Pearson and when I had to have a tooth pulled, I was just devastated. I didn't want to have a gap in my mouth so I asked my dentist what he could do. My dentist said there were a couple of options regarding replacing a tooth that's missing. The option that interested me was a dental bridge. I went home and read all I could about dental bridges so I would completely understand how they work to fill in the missing space in my mouth. Since I am very pleased with my dental bridge, I wanted to share this information with other people who are also considering this option for a missing tooth.


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New Braces: Why You Might Need A Lip Bumper

If you've heard that some dentists now offer botox, you might be a little suspicious when your orthodontist informs you that you need a lip bumper. No, your orthodontist isn't suggesting that you need a cosmetic injectable to bump up your lips. A lip bumper is actually a supplemental appliance that some patients who need braces may also require. But what exactly does a lip bumper do, and who is likely to need one?

Bumping Out Your Lips 

A lip bumper is a small wire loop attached to the braces on your outward-facing mandibular (lower) or maxillary (upper) dental arch. It gently pushes your lips out, creating a small space between your teeth and the lining of your lips, effectively holding your lips at the optimal position for your orthodontic treatment. There is unlikely to be any change to your physical appearance, so you won't have lips that conspicuously protrude outwards. But what's the actual purpose of a lip bumper?

Extra Space for Excessive Overcrowding

Lip bumpers can be suggested for patients with excessively overcrowded teeth. Since these types of orthodontic realignments will benefit from additional space as your teeth reposition themselves, the lip bumper is simply a means to create this additional space. It increases the overall effectiveness of your treatment and can even speed it up. It can also ensure your comfort during your orthodontic treatment. Although the addition of this appliance may sound extreme, it won't be obvious, nor will it be uncomfortable.

As Comfortable as Possible

As with any new set of braces, some minor discomfort is perfectly reasonable during the early stages. You will need a brief period of adjustment as you become accustomed to your braces, and this is often the case, regardless of whether a lip bumper is also fitted. The bumper itself isn't uncomfortable, and the wire will be sleeved in acrylic so that it doesn't create friction when it makes contact with your soft tissues. 

Treatment Duration

The lip bumper may be required for the duration of your orthodontic treatment, however, this may vary. Some patients may only need to have a lip bumper fitted during the first stages of their treatment. Once their teeth have begun their realignment journey, the ongoing use of a lip bumper may not have any further benefits, and so it will be removed. Some bumpers are designed to be detachable, allowing you to remove it yourself when needed. Only remove it at times suggested by your orthodontist, if this is an option.

Like your braces, you will quickly get used to a lip bumper and will soon forget that it's there. Not all patients who need braces will need a lip bumper, but it's a standard addition for many cases.

Contact a local dentist to learn more about braces and lip bumpers.