Getting A Dental Bridge For A Missing ToothGetting A Dental Bridge For A Missing Tooth

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Getting A Dental Bridge For A Missing Tooth

Hi, my name is Robin Pearson and when I had to have a tooth pulled, I was just devastated. I didn't want to have a gap in my mouth so I asked my dentist what he could do. My dentist said there were a couple of options regarding replacing a tooth that's missing. The option that interested me was a dental bridge. I went home and read all I could about dental bridges so I would completely understand how they work to fill in the missing space in my mouth. Since I am very pleased with my dental bridge, I wanted to share this information with other people who are also considering this option for a missing tooth.


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Repair Options For Broken Teeth

You will of course do what you can to prevent yourself from suffering from a broken tooth, but things can happen. Sometimes broken teeth happen no matter how careful you are. You may even be biting down on a piece of food only to find there is a surprisingly hard part you weren't expecting and there goes a part of your tooth. No matter how your tooth breaks, you want to get it fixed as quickly as you can. Otherwise, it can affect your eating, the way you look and even be a weak point easily attacked by cavities. You can learn about some of the ways a broken tooth can be repaired in this article.

Bonding: Bonding can be used to build the tooth back up. The dentist will clean off the tooth and then they will either use an etching agent or their dental tools to rough up the surface of the tooth so the bonding material sticks. Then, they will use special tools to put the bonding on and shape it so you can't tell the tooth was ever broken. The bonding material they use will be a perfect match to the natural tooth.

Porcelain Veneer: The dentist can take an impression of your mouth to have a porcelain veneer made to fit right over the tooth. They will need to grind down some of the tooth to make room for it to fit. The porcelain veneer will be permanently glued to the tooth also with the use of a bonding agent. A veneer will generally only cover a portion of the tooth, so it's usually chosen for breaks that aren't that bad.

Crowns: Crowns can also be put on broke teeth to fix them. The great thing about a crown is it can be put on a tooth that is significantly broken since it will fit completely over the tooth. The crowns can have material put over them that makes them match your natural teeth so no one can tell they aren't your real teeth, or they can be made completely of metal if that's the look you are going for.

Dental Implants: If you have a severe break that can't be repaired then the dentist may suggest going ahead and extracting the tooth altogether. The tooth can then be replaced with a dental implant that will be permanently fused to your jawbone. The implant will look, act and feel just like a natural tooth. Click here to investigate.