Getting A Dental Bridge For A Missing ToothGetting A Dental Bridge For A Missing Tooth

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Getting A Dental Bridge For A Missing Tooth

Hi, my name is Robin Pearson and when I had to have a tooth pulled, I was just devastated. I didn't want to have a gap in my mouth so I asked my dentist what he could do. My dentist said there were a couple of options regarding replacing a tooth that's missing. The option that interested me was a dental bridge. I went home and read all I could about dental bridges so I would completely understand how they work to fill in the missing space in my mouth. Since I am very pleased with my dental bridge, I wanted to share this information with other people who are also considering this option for a missing tooth.


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Truth Behind Top Misconceptions About Teeth Bleaching

Do you want to visit your dentist to get your teeth whitened, but you're not sure if the procedure is for you? While teeth whitening is growing in popularity, it is still a subject that can be filled with a variety of mistruths and misconceptions. To help you sort through these and find the reality in regards to teeth bleaching, here are some things that you may have heard before and the truth behind these statements:

Teeth bleaching lasts forever. While you might hope that this is the case, the reality is that whitening your teeth may not be permanent. If you brush your teeth well and follow the care instructions that your dentist provides, you should have significantly whiter teeth for at least a year and perhaps even longer. On the other hand, if you continue with the same habits that caused you to need your teeth whitened in the first place, your teeth might start to visibly yellow within a matter of weeks or months. Unfortunately, there is nothing that your dentist can do to prevent this except to instruct you in the proper care of your teeth.

Teeth bleaching takes a long time. This depends on how yellow your teeth are and how white you want them to be. If your teeth are significantly discolored and you want to whiten them by several shades, it may take multiple sessions in your dentist's office before you get the results that you're hoping for. On the other hand, if your teeth are only a little bit stained or yellowed, it may only take one visit to your dentist to accomplish the whitening. The visits are usually no longer than those of a typical dental office appointment.

Teeth bleaching is painful. Some early formulas and even some current over-the-counter products for teeth bleaching inadvertently cause gum irritation and can also result in extreme teeth sensitivity. Since over-the-counter products are often supposed to be used over the course of a month or more, this sensitivity and irritation may prevent many people from continuing treatment or from seeking to whiten their teeth in a dental office setting. However, current clinical formulas for teeth whitening have been reformulated over the years to cause less irritation and pain. Since the bleaching is often completed in just one session, the period of tooth sensitivity should be greatly reduced. Instead of pain or sensitivity that lasts for weeks, your teeth should be back to normal in a matter of days.